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About METAL PROFI s.r.o.

METAL-PROFI s.r.o. is a developing family company with a long tradition in CNC production.

We deal with custom and serial metalworking, mainly by manufacturing precision machine components for the electrical, automotive and consumer industries. We have very well-equipped machinery and qualified staff.

We have long-term cooperation with many domestic and foreign companies, which we regularly supply parts and mechanical assemblies made according to their drawing documentation. These products are then directed to the Czech and international markets.

We have our own precision and accuracy in connection with tooling technology.


We offer piece and small-series production of your parts while meeting all dimensional and other requirements. We produce and deliver parts up to the accuracy of 0.005 mm.

  • production of molds for plastic molding

  • production and sale of tools for chip machining

  • production and sale of turning jaws

  • drawing of the inner grooves

  • piece, small-series and serial custom metalwork

  • manufacture of precise machine parts

Based on your requirements, we will ensure the refinent and surface finish of the supplied parts.

 Are you interested in our services? Call + 420 702 194 617 (Mon-Fri 6:00-14:30) or Write here